Zümo 5XX firmware versie 3.80 per 20 december 2007

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Z?mo 5XX firmware versie 3.80 per 20 december 2007

Berichtdoor Schalkseruiter® » 21 Dec 2007 21:45

Firmware update 3.80 is uit

Changes made from version 3.30 to 3.80:

* Add support for African Time zones.
* Add support for several new pre-recorded voices.
* Add support for distances in yards when a British voice is selected (may require updated voice).
* Added support for MAD Maps scenic routes.
* Allow the compass page to display 5 digits of elevation.
* Improved handling of circular routes. Allows entry at alternate point. Will not announce arrival when starting a route. (All routes will be deleted after update, but can be re-imported from GPX files.)
* Keep the map detail level when go from main map to browse map.
* When reviewing a gas station after pressing the fuel button from main map, the map will now be centered on selected gas station rather than the vehicle.
* Change Optimal Reorder so it does not include the final point when reordering.
* Correct issue where backlight may change if you remain on the backlight adjust page for a period of time.
* Correct issue where backlight may turn off when location is above polar circle.
* Correct issue that would sometimes cause highways to be labeled with the incorrect name.
* Correct issue that would not allow more than a single point to be added to some routes.
* Correct issues when the same map is loaded in two different regions.
* Correct issue when searching for cities on basemap.
* Correct off road transitions in track to route when there is no map coverage.
* Correct issue playing Audible format 4 books.
* Correct distance for mixed routes imported from MapSource
* Correct issue that caused all traffic delays to be 1min when using certain maps.
* Correct issue that prevented TrafficMaster service from being properly named on the unit.
* Correct issue that prevented some very large track log activities from being archived correctly.
* Correct issue where changes to a route would be lost if you press and hold the back button.
* Correct issue that caused MP3?s to be paused for navigation announcements when navigation was set to off and a pre-recorded voice was selected.

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